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“What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it; boldness has genius, power and magic in it”


Business Facilitation

I offer business facilitation to help teams at all levels of an organization develop their sustainability action plan. This can be either as a ‘kick-off’ session for a team who are just starting to think about what they need to do or can be to invigorate/develop the next steps of an existing sustainability plan.

My role as a facilitator is not to set the agenda and give advice on what to do, but to support, question and challenge the team in a way that helps them to gain new insights into where they currently are, their vision for where they want to be and what they need to do to move on.

Prior to the facilitated event I will:

  • work with the leader of the team to understand where the team currently stands in relation to its sustainability plan and the levels of buy-in that exists from key stakeholders (both inside and outside of the team);
  • agree with the leader of the team the role that they will play in the session and how we will work together;
  • propose a framework for the session to meet the specified goals.

After the event, I offer 1:1 coaching for individual team members and a follow-up session to review progress and identify the next steps

L&D Consultancy

I can work with your learning & development team to assess your existing training and to advise on ways in which sustainability can be integrated into existing programmes without a complete re-write.

My approach is to:

  • Carry out an audit of your existing learning & development programmes to identify where the greatest opportunities are for integration of sustainability;
  • Design exercises, case studies, energizers that can be ‘slotted in’ to existing programmes;
  • Develop additional programmes (if required);
  • Deliver Train the Trainer events to ensure that the trainers/facilitators are well positioned to deliver the new material;
  • Provide an ongoing support service to training design and delivery teams.


The professional world of sustainability is a relatively new one with post-holders coming from a variety of disciplines in the business world. The complexity of sustainability roles can be daunting and, as is commonly recognized, the critical skill required of sustainability professionals is the need to communicate, connect and influence people in other business disciplines. There is no ‘one way’ of doing this, no easy solution. Each sustainability professional will need to tailor and adapt their approach to their specific situation.

I believe that sustainability professionals have a key role to play in the change to a more sustainable world and to support them I offer 1:1 coaching. This can be conducted either face-to-face or by telephone depending on location, specific requirements and budget.

My Approach

  • We will set up an initial telephone conversation with the sustainability professional as a ‘chemistry check’;
  • My standard approach is to offer a series of 6 coaching sessions over a 4 to 6 month period with a mid-point review, although this is flexible;
  • If appropriate, we can have an initial 3-way conversation between myself, the sustainability professional and their line manager before the coaching commences, to clarify the goals and expectations for the coaching relationship;
  • We will conclude the coaching assignment with a final review to evaluate the progress and identify next steps.

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