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Sian Modine

What I do

I work with organizations to help them simultaneously achieve their leadership development goals and improve the sustainability of their organization. I design and deliver immersive experiences that provide powerful learning opportunities that develop leadership capability, focus on real business challenges and increase the capacity of organizations to do business that has a positive impact in the world. I collaborate with both learning & development specialists and CSR/Sustainability professionals to create bespoke activities that get to the heart the business and provide compelling and immersive vehicles for leadership learning.

My approach to leadership development and coaching integrates leading for a better world with a deeper understanding of the human experience. It focuses on the key role that ‘state of mind’  has to play in developing the capacity for leadership. My goal is to facilitate and coach in a way that helps leaders increase their own wellbeing whilst making a positive impact in the world and creating workplaces, communities and societies where both people and the natural world can flourish.

My Background

I have worked pretty much all my career in the field of learning & development. I started off working for as an in-house trainer before moving on to training management and then organization and leadership development. I have lived in the UK, Thailand and Australia and have worked across Europe, Asia and in the West Indies. I have worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes from multinational corporations to small charities and across a variety of sectors. I am now an independent leadership development consultant, facilitator and coach. In recent years I have become increasingly interested in the challenges of leading for a sustainable world – my work now extends beyond just focusing on the success of organizations and the people who work in them to the sustainability of the world in which they operate.